Learner and Trainee Supports

The range of supports that is available to a learner or trainee may vary from centre to centre, depending on the resources and facilities that are available. Learners and trainees can enquire in their own centre as to what resources are available.  See below for general information on the supports that may be available.

Throughout all centres in DDLETB, learners are encouraged, upon application for admission, to disclose any special needs or disabilities they may have, in order that appropriate supports or reasonable accommodations may be put in place. Where such a disclosure is made, an appropriate staff member will meet the learner to discuss the nature of the supports that may be required.

Every reasonable effort is made to support learners with differences, either before admission or once they have started on the course. Such differences might include prior learning or experience, maturity, differing capabilities or other. In this case, the supports needed will be agreed in consultation with the learner.  However, not all support needs may be able to be met within the physical, financial and staffing restrictions within which the centre and DDLETB must operate.

Guidance For Learners And Trainees

Guidance is available, where feasible, to learners with respect to progression opportunities. Within the Adult Education Service, the Adult Guidance and Information Service provides support and guidance to learners on a range of programmes, while in further education colleges and centres, guidance counsellors may be available to advise learners. In other centres, such as Youthreach centres or training centres, course coordinators or teachers offer similar support if possible.

Care For Learners And Trainees

Within each centre, and for each course, a designated person, such as the course coordinator, guidance counsellor, student advisor, course tutor, assistant manager or other named person will be available to address any concerns of an academic nature that the learner may have.

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