Programme Design and Approval Processes

Programme Design and Approval Processes

Centres wishing to develop a programme/module may make a proposal to develop a programme to the Programmes Committee, where consideration is given as to whether the development is in line with identified organisational goals. Once the proposal for development has been approved as per the Terms of Reference for the team, development may proceed, with appropriate training for the writers and evaluators involved in the development process. Once complete, the programme/ module is evaluated against a range of criteria.  The Programmes Committee reviews the recommendations of the evaluators, and decide whether or not to approve the programme for validation.  The QA Development Officer submits the application for validation to QQI.

Processes for developing quality assured, centrally-devised assessments are currently being developed, and will be published when available.

Course Approval Process

The Programmes Committee has responsibility for ensuring that centres that are approved for delivery of courses can do so in a quality assured manner.  Therefore centres must apply to the Programmes Committee for approval to deliver new courses, or amend existing programmes.  Requests for module reviews must also be approved by the Programmes Committee.  Application forms are available here:

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