Quality Assurance Development

Quality Assurance Development and Review

DDLETB is committed to developing its new quality assurance policies and procedures in line with its strategic goals and priorities as outlined in its Statement of Strategy. Those strategic goals are:

  1. High quality education and training programmes
  2. High quality experience for learners
  3. Organisational and staff development
  4. Effective communication and collaboration.

The development of a comprehensive suite of common quality assurance policies and procedures for the amalgamated ETB will be a long-term project; as new common policies and procedures are developed and approved by the appropriate governance structure, they will be published on this page, and will supersede the existing individual policies and procedures which are currently available in each centre.

Quality Assurance Review

DDLETB undertook an Executive Self-Evaluation in October, as part of its re-engagement with QQI.  Included in the self-evaluation was a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for 2018.  DDLETB reports annually on its progress in achieving the goals outlined in the previous Quality Improvement Plan, and develops a new QIP for the coming year.  These reports can be accessed below.

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